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In 2020, it is clear that we are living in post-normal times. A summer of catastrophic bushfires followed by a global pandemic has shown us all the importance of thinking about the future.


In this exhibition, nine online communities explored how they hoped that life in Sydney would pivot after the Covid-19 pandemic. Their ideas were given to nine Australian artists to interpret into works that you see in this exhibition.

Alongside each work you will also see the 'history' of what happened to make this future occur.


Explore the futures that we are creating at the interactive Museum of Futures exhibition. Engage with 10 objects that tell of two possible futures: a utopia where we tackle climate change, and a dystopia where the extreme climate has changed our current way of life forever.

The Museum of Futures is an experimental collaboration between the if labs, CitySwitch and the City of Sydney’s Better Building Partnership.

We wanted to find out what matters to office workers and to provide a platform for people to voice their views on the future of our cities. We aim to drive critical building decisions on energy, waste, water and transport. Together, we can achieve a carbon positive future.

Things are changing fast. Disruptive technologies and a changing climate herald very different futures depending on our actions now. But what future do we want? And what futures are worth wanting? 

In a two-hour workshop participants completed a range of foresight activities to stimulate their  imagination and envision their own future. Working with rapid prototyping methodologies, they created an object that represents preferable, inclusive, futures for Australia.

Image by an_vision

The Museum of Futures is an experiential futures-based work that asks the audience - which future will you choose? Participants are invited to come on a journey through two very different futures - one where by taking action on climate change our diet is abundant, and one where the extreme climate has changed what we eat forever.


In a special event just for the Emerge 2020 festival, participants will have the opportunity to create a new artefact for the museum. Everyone is encouraged to bring in a recipe for their favourite dish, to find out how it will taste in 2050. Will insects be a major part of our family dinners? Will apples still exist? Will people even cook anymore? Discuss and discover the possible answers to these questions at the Museum of Futures.

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