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In 2020, it is clear that we are living in 'postnormal' times. A summer of catastrophic bushfires followed by a global pandemic has shown us all the importance of thinking about the future.


In this exhibition, nine diverse online communities explored how they hope that life in Sydney would pivot after the Covid-19 pandemic. Their ideas were given to nine Australian artists to interpret into the works that you see in this exhibition. Alongside each artwork you will also see the ‘history’ of what happened to make this future occur.


Supported by:


Curators:  Claire Marshall and Mel Rumble

Gallery Manager:  Charlotte Barker

Advisors: Deb Turnball-Tillman and Fenella Kernebone

Grant support officer:  Anne Laidlaw

Finance support from:  Peter Gates


In your hands

Sculpture by Nadya E. Anderson

Narrative by Nadya E. Anderson, Claire Marshall and the Sydney Wildlife Rescue volunteers.


What do People do all day?

Illustration by Rocco Fazzari

Narrative by Claire Marshall, Rocco Fazzari and the New Economy Network Australia.

Thanks to Lisa Ryman at Momento Books


Bear Mountain

Sculpture by Guy Fredericks

Narrative by Claire Marshall, Guy Fredericks and the Studio A artists.



Movable sculpture by Jeff McCann

Narrative by Jeff McCann, Claire Marshall and the Rainbow Families Community


You only get to die once

Mixed Media by Paul Brown and Linda Dement

Narrative by Paul Brown, Linda Dement, Barb Daveson, Mel Rumble, Claire Marshall  and the Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration team.

Thanks to Dr Carmine Gentile, Sruthy Gnanachselvam and Wafa Al Shamery of UTS School of Biomedical Engineering for printing Hydrogel patch.

3D heart model by Dr Marco Vettorello, printed by ProtoSpace at UTS


I Dance I Live

Photography by Orion Mitchell

Narrative by Orion Mitchell, Claire Marshall and the Sydney Art Galleries and artists community.


Ghosts of Coal Past

Sculpture by Louis Pratt

Narrative by Claire Marshall , Louis Pratt and the Green Ups Community.


Our Time

Interactive installation by Annie McKinnon

Narrative by Claire Marshall, Annie McKinnon and the DirtGirl World Community.


Haptic Hubs

Sculpture by Jasmine Craciun

Narrative by Jasmine Craciun, Claire Marshall and the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence.

Floated Hope
Sculpture by Naz Jebeli
Narrative by Naz Jebeli, Claire Marshall and the Sydney refugee community - The Social Outfit Community. 

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