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Emerge Festival 19th November, 2022


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Welcome to Museum of Futures: Food for Thought. In this participatory exhibition you are invited to explore your relationship to one of the most complex and influential aspects of our life - what we eat.

What we eat, how we eat it, and even how we eat, are heavily influenced by our values, our cultural paradigm and our worldviews. In this exhibition we are exploring the link between what, how and why we eat and the dynamics of capitalism. 


So you may have been to museums before but this exhibition is a little bit different. While most museum exhibitions present you with a story or history of the events of the past, this exhibition asks what ‘future history’ do you prefer, which ‘future history’ is probable - and how will you, and the people at this event have a role in authoring it?


You are invited to touch, taste, smell and see your way through this exhibition in three parts.


Part 1:  How will our food system change?

The first exhibits ask you to choose which future history you think is preferable and which future history you think is probable. Leave your thoughts on each exhibit.

Part 2: How will we change?


The second exhibits turn the lens on you, asking you to question your own perceptions of time, other people, nature and your place in the web of life. 


Part 3: What role do we play?

Lastly you are invited to join us for a seat at the table to ‘hack the exhibition’ co-authoring a new future for the exhibit of your choosing. We will be holding hacking sessions on the hour. 

Begin your journey


Curators:  Claire Marshall and Mel Rumble

Gallery Manager:  Charlotte Barker

Advisors: Deb Turnball-Tillman and Fenella Kernebone

Grant support officer:  Anne Laidlaw

Finance support from:  Peter Gates


In your hands

Sculpture by Nadya E. Anderson

Narrative by Nadya E. Anderson, Claire Marshall and the Sydney Wildlife Rescue volunteers.


What do People do all day?

Illustration by Rocco Fazzari

Narrative by Claire Marshall, Rocco Fazzari and the New Economy Network Australia.

Thanks to Lisa Ryman at Momento Books


Bear Mountain

Sculpture by Guy Fredericks

Narrative by Claire Marshall, Guy Fredericks and the Studio A artists.



Movable sculpture by Jeff McCann

Narrative by Jeff McCann, Claire Marshall and the Rainbow Families Community


You only get to die once

Mixed Media by Paul Brown and Linda Dement

Narrative by Paul Brown, Linda Dement, Barb Daveson, Mel Rumble, Claire Marshall  and the Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration team.

Thanks to Dr Carmine Gentile, Sruthy Gnanachselvam and Wafa Al Shamery of UTS School of Biomedical Engineering for printing Hydrogel patch.

3D heart model by Dr Marco Vettorello, printed by ProtoSpace at UTS


I Dance I Live

Photography by Orion Mitchell

Narrative by Orion Mitchell, Claire Marshall and the Sydney Art Galleries and artists community.


Ghosts of Coal Past

Sculpture by Louis Pratt

Narrative by Claire Marshall , Louis Pratt and the Green Ups Community.


Our Time

Interactive installation by Annie McKinnon

Narrative by Claire Marshall, Annie McKinnon and the DirtGirl World Community.


Haptic Hubs

Sculpture by Jasmine Craciun

Narrative by Jasmine Craciun, Claire Marshall and the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence.

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