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Click through to listen to this audio acknowledgement of traditional land recorded on country, created for Our Shared Futures by artists

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Michael Robinson

Wandra Wandian

NSW / Australia

Nicole Smede

Wodi Wodi Gumea Dharawal 
NSW / Australia

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The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally transformed our view of time, uncertainty and 'the future'. If we have learnt anything, it is that our futures are shared and that communities play a part in shaping what futures emerge. This Museum of Futures exhibition invites us to consider our shared past and imagine our shared futures.

In 2020, during the isolated days of the COVID-19 pandemic, 10 diverse Sydney communities explored how they hoped life in Sydney would pivot beyond the pandemic. Their ideas were given to 10 Australian artists to interpret into the works featured in this exhibition. Each exhibit also features an imagined ‘history’ of how the future occurred. This exhibition is also the premiere of a new work by artists Nicole Smede and Michael Robinson. Yadingji is a work that explores how transformative moments of the past and the future are connected.

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How to see the exhibition

Visit the exhibition at NSW Parliament House on weekdays, 9am-5pm, from Tuesday 30 May to Thursday 29 June. The Parliament is currently undergoing restoration works, but remains open to the public. Access is to the left of the building, via the security gatehouse. Visitors can follow the signage into the building and take either the stairs or lift to the Fountain Court exhibition space.


"All indigenous cultures have a version of 'Everywhen'. For us, all times are inseparable; no time is ever over; and all times are unfinished. 'Everywhen' stretches between the ancient and the future – we experience it in the now.

In my ancestral language, Gathang, wanyimbuwanyimbu means 'always'. This word is like a ripple in time, repeating itself and flowing outward. The 'always' - the past, present and future - is one, vibrating and occurring simultaneously."

Our Shared Futures Artist - Nicole Smede


Curators: Claire Marshall, Mel Rumble and Nicole Smede

Exhibition Designer: Annie McKinnon

Parliamentary Advisor: Amanda Keeling

Curatorial Advisor: Deb Turnbull Tillman 


Sound piece by Nicole Smede

Wood art by Michael Robinson

Participatory design: Claire Marshall and Mel Rumble

Plaque creation: Annie McKinnon

Plaque ideas by:

Claire Marshall, Mel Rumble, Nicole Smede, 

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