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Click through to listen to this audio acknowledgement of traditional land recorded on country, created for Our Shared Futures by artists

Supported by

Michael Robinson

Wandra Wandian

NSW / Australia

Nicole Smede

Wodi Wodi Gumea Dharawal 
NSW / Australia

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Museum of Future’s – Our Shared Futures – was on public display at NSW Parliament in June 2023. This exhibition invites us to consider our shared past and imagine our shared futures.

Our Shared Futures, hosted at NSW Parliament by the Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich MP, presents a compilation of works from three MoF exhibitions, where each work features an imagined ‘history’ of how the future occurred. This exhibition is also the premiere of a new work, Yadingji, which explores how transformative moments of the past and the future are connected.

This project has been supported by grant funding from the Australia Council for the Arts and City of Sydney.


The works in Our Shared Futures are drawn from these previous MoF exhibitions: 

  • Pandemic Pivots, which showcases works by 11 artists who collaborated with 10 Sydney communities during the 2020 lockdown to imagine Australia post-pandemic. This is the first ‘in real life’ showing of these works that draw on the ideas of hundreds of community members; 

  • The Future of Work, which shares five pieces that imagine regenerative futures in 2050; and 

  • Food for Thought, which brings an engaging work – The Regen Ring – that imagines a future where the first obligation of all employees and citizens is to the regeneration of life


New work: Yadingji

Our Shared Futures also premieres a new artwork, Yadingji,
by First Nations artists Nicole Smede and Michael Robinson. Yadingji features an awe-inspiring carving and 30 possible future events. 


Be part of co-creating MoF’s next artwork

In an exciting twist on the traditional museum trope, Our Shared Futures, invites visitors to be part of Yadingji by suggesting their own future events. A new artwork was unveiled during the exhibition.


Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 4.58.53 pm.png
Yadingji with people.jpeg

^ MoF's latest artwork, Yadingji, features 30 future events. We're asking visitors to add their futures to help co-create our next artwork. Play a part: add your future...

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"All indigenous cultures have a version of 'Everywhen'. For us, all times are inseparable; no time is ever over; and all times are unfinished. 'Everywhen' stretches between the ancient and the future – we experience it in the now.

In my ancestral language, Gathang, wanyimbuwanyimbu means 'always'. This word is like a ripple in time, repeating itself and flowing outward. The 'always' - the past, present and future - is one, vibrating and occurring simultaneously."

Our Shared Futures Artist - Nicole Smede


Curators: Claire Marshall, Mel Rumble and Nicole Smede

Exhibition Designer: Annie McKinnon

Parliamentary Advisor: Amanda Keeling

Curatorial Advisor: Deb Turnbull Tillman 


Sound piece by Nicole Smede

Wood art by Michael Robinson

Participatory design: Claire Marshall and Mel Rumble

Plaque creation: Annie McKinnon

Plaque ideas by:

Claire Marshall, Mel Rumble, Nicole Smede, 

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