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In January 2020 in a two hour workshop, 50 participants completed a range of foresight activities before envisioning their hopes for the future of Australia. Working with rapid prototyping methodologies they created their own future artefacts that show a sustainable, inclusive Australia. 

Workshop facilitated by:

Dr Susanne Pratt

Mel Rumble

Claire Marshall


Created by Dr Susanne Pratt, Mel Rumble & Claire Marshall

Produced by: Dr Susanne Pratt, Claire Marshall and Mel Rumble.

Photography: Claire Marshall

Objects created by:

The fabric that connects us: Tracey Hamilton, Hannah Fowler Walker, Fiona Anastas, Stephen Houston and
Sue Wittenoom (Narrative: Claire Marshall)

Corymbia Self Managed Village: Alex Bust, Meredith Melville-Jones, Jean Kropper, Amy Chiu and
Aleema Ash (Narrative: Claire Marshall)

Opening the Bug Catcher: Lise Henriksen, Claire Conroy, Julie Giuffre and Rowena Robinson
(Narrative: Susanne Pratt)

The Origin of Synthesis: Jackson Simon, Ruth Wilcock, Anitra Morgana and Sarah Elizabeth
(Narrative: Susanne Pratt)

The Biokey Kit: Alex Jackson, Steph Miller, Kimberly Richards, Sage Godrei, Jadden Tseng, Kim Kofod and Sarah Keane (Narrative: Mel Rumble)

Community 2040: Sam Berry, Ninah Kopel, Phillip Cooke,
Cathie Walsh, Anna Vrachas and Jasmin Vrachas
(Narrative: Mel Rumble)

The Internet of No Things: Ben-Zion Weiss, Susan Goldie, Wendy Thompson, Tania Leimbach, Mariano Hoffman and Peter Giles (Narrative: Tania Leimbach)

The Clean Air Roomba: Suzanne Williamson, Dave Di Veroli, Alice Howard-Vyse, Pete Murray, Lynda Newman and Karen Weiss (Narrative: Claire Marshall)

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