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Hope Floats


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The object before you is an artwork created by artist Naz Jebeli in 2030 and presented to the Australian prime-minister Tanya Butler on the passing of the "Open Borders Act". In the years preceding Naz Jebeli had worked tirelessly to change public perception of refugees.

In 2024 Jebeli's interactive art project - "Meet the New Neighbours" was a simple experience where Australians could meet recent refugees. However, it became a valuable knowledge sharing practice as refugees, were found to have ingenious ideas for living in an increasingly hot Australian climate.

In 2026 the Refugee Resilience Research Institute was established to provide refugee perspective on a range of policies and projects. In 2029 Jebeli was invited to present her work in Paris at an exhibition attended by the Prime-Minister. She credited this exhibition with "opening my mind and my heart to the enormous value of welcoming those who seek refuge, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because refugees have a lot to teach us about our own resilience".


Naz Jebeli


Exhibit Evolution 

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