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In your hands

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Sydney Wildlife Rescue

The object before you is a sculpture made by Nadya E Anderson in 2030 to commemorate the introduction of The Native Species Title Act. This law gave animals rights to all native forests and bushlands across Australia, effectively preventing any demolition and development. 


In 2019-2020 Australia experienced the worst bushfire in recorded history. More than 3 billion animals were killed or displaced. The Covid-19 pandemic provided a time for communities to set up crowdfunding campaigns that bought land and rewilded paddocks. Urban planners began to revise how they designed towns to incorporate nesting and feeding sites, allowing wildlife and humans to coexist. People started to flock to these towns with higher biodiversity, which were now the most economically viable communities due to their regeneration efforts after the fires. 

Anderson’s sculpture featured in the 2040 global Extinction exhibition as an example of what an empowered community can do. Estimates show this community work and legislation saved over 300 species from extinction. 


Nadya E. Anderson

Originally trained as a Silversmith, Jeweller and Sculptor at RMIT. Nadya's life and an Artist has spanned Performance, Staging and Costume. Interior and graphic design. 

Mantis Sentinals.jpg

Exhibit Evolution 

The subject area is huge - what will the state of wildlife and the environment be in 2050?
I have gone through so many scenarios in my head, and decided to keep it simple and focus on 1 message.
If our unique wildlife is to survive in the wild and still be there in 2050 we must preserve its habitat. This will only happen if we accept responsibility for what happens locally, with hands-on involvement, with individuals in the community putting their hands up to volunteer to do what they can to help, with individuals banding together to form action groups, lobby groups, and organisations actively working towards solving problems within their own environment, and by forming consortiums to own habitat to give it protection.
Grass roots pressure and voter opinion has power.
So I am starting with human hands:
1. Sculpted in oil based clay.
2. Mold made.
3. Hand cast in acrylic plaster.
4. Two hands ready for cleaning up and finishing.

"Hey Wombi, did you hear the NSW Nationals want to weaken the Koala Habitat protection legislation?"

"Yes, we need more protection, not less! I think it's time to push for a 'Native ANIMAL Title Act'. Animal Land Rights now!"

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