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The rise of the “Carpe Diem Worker”


This model of a human head illustrates the installation of the “Series 1 City Chip”. Beside the head is an excerpt from the City Worker Contract (2035).

In 2035, municipal waste removal services broke down and many businesses started burning their own waste. As the Air Quality Index of Australian cities reached dangerous levels, the City Chip was introduced to measure each worker’s exposure to harmful pollutants. The excerpt from the City Worker Contract outlines the risks and limited legal liability of employers.

Despite the initial outcry from workers, mass unemployment meant many people had no choice but to work under these conditions. This led to the rise of the “Carpe Diem Worker”: a subculture of employees who proudly proclaimed they would “live large and die young”. The Series 1 City Chip was discontinued in 2037 after it was found to cause cancer.

Contract written by Aurelie Jacquet

Thanks to Meow Meow Ludlow

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