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Copy of CityOfSydney_ArtPieces-3-21-Expo

Thanks to Andrew Mahaffey at HMI Technology

 3D printing and painting Lucas Az

Less cars and more community


This object is a scale model of a communal autonomous vehicle, or CAVI.

CAVIs were introduced into Australian cities in 2025 and immediately influenced life in the city and city planning.

Catching a CAVI was made easy through a dense and interlinked network connecting residents to local transport hubs. Without the need for individual vehicle ownership many streets have since been repurposed into community gardens and green corridors.

Unexpectedly, CAVIs also fostered community relationships as people caught CAVIs with their neighbours and formed new connections during their daily commutes. The slang term “Cavo” was added to the dictionary in 2037 to describe a “community friend”.

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