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Our air quality up in smoke


These two objects – a toddler-sized anti-pollution mask and a bottle of Australian air – both hail from the early 2020s. At the time, Australian air was considered among the cleanest in the world and was bottled and exported to countries like India and China that faced air quality that was hazardous to humans.

Australia’s air industry was short-lived. By 2025, Australia’s air was no longer deemed clean enough for export. By 2027 anti-pollution masks were a fixture of everyday Australian life. Widespread burning of plastic waste caused air pollution to reach dangerous levels. 

From 2028 Australia was no longer able to host  the Ashes, and our reputation as a sporting nation began its steady decline, along with our health. The last Australian Olympic medal was won for rhythmic gymnastics in 2024.

Thanks to Tony at Auzair

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