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Copy of CityOfSydney_ArtPieces-3-6-Expos

Illustrations by Rocco Fazzari

Australia's second gold rush


These objects harken back to a landmark renewables marketing campaign of 2023.

In 2020, people and companies started to demand that the Australian Government take decisive action to support the solar panel industry. Subsequently, the government introduced a raft of legislation including subsidies and grants to industries developing advanced solar panel technology.

Within a few short years, Australia became the world’s leading solar farming nation and the largest solar power exporter, thanks to the abundance of space and sunshine and Australian-owned technology that used hydrogen to store captured solar energy for transport.

The economic boom was dubbed Australia’s “second Gold Rush” –  but this time the resource was infinite and Australia became not only a global superpower, but one of the richest nations on Earth.

On an interesting side note, the Australian craft brewing industry leveraged this iconic campaign to market Australian beer internationally. To the tag line “we bottle sunshine” was added “we also bottle beer”.

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