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I dance. I live.

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These images are of the Quantum Crew, a dance community from the 2030s taken by photographer Orion Mitchell. The Quantum Crew was an example of the unique style of relationships that developed when Universal Basic Income was introduced in 2022 after the Covid-19 pandemic. As Australia developed more sophisticated ethical artificial intelligence, the UBI amount gradually increased, and jobs in industries that could not be automated became highly paid. Care workers were the most valued, and universities started offering Care degrees that could be done alongside other majors such as creativity or ethics. 


With more people aspiring to Care roles, it was discovered that self-expression through artistic mediums including dance provided empirical physical and mental health benefits. Communities like the Quantum Crew would get together to do nothing but dance, performing without rehearsal or structure, then disbanding at the end of a night. The City of Sydney started designing public spaces suitable for both production and performance, and this investment in the arts allowed many voices to be heard and was credited as a major reason why Australia, led by the City of Sydney, was able to handle the ethical challenges brought by quantum computing in 2027.

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Orion Mitchell

Orion is a photographer that likes to explore themes of class and wealth distribution.


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Exhibit Evolution 

I'm starting with a narrative for my work. Imagine a future where our basic needs are met through a universal basic income that guarantees everyone will be able to afford their own food, home and other basic necessities: It's 2030 and a UBI has been implemented in Australia. Some younger people have quit their jobs and are developing their own creative talents in dance and street performance. Anne, Shazam and Beck, are using the mirrors in Darling Harbour as their dance studio. It's open to all who want to practice and learn from each other. Fusions of dance styles are emerging as travelling dancers and performers drop in and out of the studio on the street.


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