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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Abraham Lincoln

We live in uncertain times. Catastrophic bushfires have made climate change feel more real, and a year of shifting boundaries due to a global pandemic has made the future seem even more uncertain than before. Futures thinking is a robust field of study that can help your organisation think more clearly about the future and understand how you can take action.

Museum of Futures Workshops (with or without exhibition)


How we imagine the future shapes our decisions, our decisions shape our future.

Many organisations have short term strategic visions but in a world where we know that more disruption will be occurring it is of significant benefit to not just think a year or five years ahead but to think further into the future. In a full day workshop expert facilitators will lead participants through a briefing on current trends, signals and drivers, before exploring futures thinking methodologies through a range of foresight activities. 


In addition to the workshop the award-winning Museum of Fuutres exhibition is available for display. This exhibition is a powerful way to incite conversations about the future and to gauge employee responses. To view more details on housing the exhibition please follow this link.

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Eco-anxiety to Eco-empowerment Talk and employee workshop

Are your staff suffering from eco-anxiety? Do the big feelings they have about the future under climate change impact their ability to take action? You are not alone. How we think about the future plays a major role in the rise of eco-anxiety, and there are strategies for combatting this by understanding how we think about the future and how we can take action. In a 2 hour talk and mini-workshop based on  doctoral research we will lead your team through an exploration of how we think about the future, and how we shift our focus to transformation and how we can manage the big feelings that we have so that we can take action.

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