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The Ghost of Coal Past

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This statue is a bust model of the character “Ghosts of Coal Past” created by artist Louis Pratt in 2022 and used in the first augmented reality feature-length experience of “A Climate Carol” released in 2024. It was a smash hit with the public and is now listed as one of the most iconic AR experiences of the past century. It contained incredibly realistic augmented reality scenes where viewers were able to map the augmented reality scenes onto their own environmental surroundings. While climate modelling data had been available for years, this was the first time entertainment had allowed people to visualise the climate risks to their area through the vehicle of entertainment. The feature experience, “The Last Ghost, the Ghost of Futures Yet To Come”, was also credited in providing viewers with ideas for positive action, as it showcased ideas on reforming democratic processes and recasting business as a saviour of the environment through the use of not just circular but regenerative production processes. 


Pratt and the team behind the film went on to create a series of augmented reality experiences and their work was recognised with an Academy Award in 2045.


Louis Pratt

Louis Pratt is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist best known for his sculpture, painting and video works.
His work predominately focuses on big data and climate change; which he sees as the major challenges of our time. Pratt has already achieved significant recognition as a leading Australian contemporary artist pioneering the application of new technologies to the production of sculpture. He built the first open source 3D printer in Australia in 2009, which he donated to the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.
Alongside his work with technology, Pratt casts work in coal, to explore issues around climate change.  His sculptures have won numerous prestigious awards and are held in private and public collections. Louis Pratt graduated from the Australian National University, School of Art in 2002 with first-class honours in sculpture. He was awarded an Australian Post-Graduate Research Scholarship from the College of Fine Art, University of NSW, which he completed in 2004.
He is currently completing a PHD in Engineering and Information Technology (exploring its application in art) at the University of Technology in Sydney, with a post graduate scholarship.


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