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Our Time

Created by:


The playful and kinetic ‘Our time’ sculpture was created by artist Annie McKinnon and local school children in the Sydney area during an artist-led workshop in 2021. After the Covid-19 pandemic, McKinnon was inspired to take local school children on excursions to local fossil sites to explore the concept of time. Annie asked the school children what would our ancestors tell us?


15-year-old Melissa Foster was so inspired by this that she led her school’s campaign for a better waste system, garden and solar panels. Inspired by indigenous knowledge, the class of 2024 wrote the “Future Generations First” manifesto, which laid out how decisions should be made by evaluating the effects they would have on future generations. The idea spread amongst schools and then business, and by 2030 the government was forced to introduce the manifesto’s guidelines into law. In 2040, Melissa Forster was elected prime minister of Australia and declared September 20 “Children’s Day”, a day when leaders around Australia were urged to listen seriously to the concerns of children.



Annie McKinnon is a Sydney-based interaction designer, sound artist and composer who produces installations, immersive experiences, interactive objects, products, sound compositions, and spaces. Annie has worked alongside and has received commissions from Think+DO Tank Foundation, FEEL at University of New South Wales, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Musically, Annie has shared the stage with Ngaiire, Courtney Barnett, Elana Stone, Julia Jacklin, Flume and a whole bunch of other super cool people.


Exhibit Evolution 

I'm thinking about the concept of biophilia - technology and our environment living in symbiosis. 

This is a documentary I really love that covers similar ideas:


Exhibit Evolution : Week 2

This week I've been doing some rapid ideation using the pomodoro technique, accompanied by a little elastic toy I use to fidget with when I'm thinking. 

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