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Created by Jackson Simon, Ruth wilcock, Anitra Morgana and Sarah Elizabeth.

The Origin of Synthesis

The object is an early prototype for the Origin of Synthesis (OOS) technology, designed in Perth circa 2025. It became a common feature of modern homes in 2035. 


OOS emerged at a time when people were seeking more balance in their lives. During the early 2020s many people were struggling with work life balance, and were seeking more connection, including spiritual connection, not necessarily in a religious sense, but through a sense of community and coming together. 


As can be seen in this early prototype, OOS offers a natural setting, providing a platform for a holographic representation of your friends or your relatives, wherever they are on the planet. In this version, the prototype is designed to offer people the choice of a campfire or dining table hologram, which one could invite family and friends too, even if you are on your own. Later versions became much more customisable, with options for recreating landscapes from one’s childhood (via social media analysis), including landscapes, such as the once iconic Bondi Beach, that have been dramatically changed due to climate change and sea level rise.


The technology gained popularity in the late 2020s, after the multiple pandemics of 2025-2027, which caused Australia to close its borders for prolonged periods.

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