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Created by Claire Marshall of If Labs in partnership with the City of Sydney and UTS xFutures Lab.

Commissioned by:  Esther Bailey, Alberto Jimenez Tobia and Zoe Baker

Produced by: Claire Marshall and Alberto Jimenez Tobia

Audio Guide Producer: Rami Fischler

Sound design: Mark Tanner

Photography: Sherman Lo

Website design: Cameron Ellis, Mel Rumble and Claire Marshall

Objects featuring:

Illustrations by Rocco Fazzari (The Creation of Australia’s Space Waste Agency, Australia's Second Gold Rush)

3D printing and painting by Lucas Az (Less Cars more Community)

Sculpture by Elmar Kert (From Waste to Valuable Resources)

Text and Illustrations by author Kat Patrick and illustrator Lauren Farrell (Dawn of the Regenerative Generation)

Thanks to:

Aurelie Jacquet

Andrew Mahaffey and HMI Technologies,

Tony at Auzair

Charles Penton-Dodds at Design Awards

Meow Meow Ludlow

Bruce Jeffreys and the team at Dresden

Markus Lambert at LG Electronics

Deven Pillay at Carbon8 Printing


Created by Dr Susanne Pratt, Mel Rumble & Claire Marshall

Produced by: Dr Susanne Pratt, Claire Marshall and Mel Rumble.

Photography: Claire Marshall

Objects created by:

The fabric that connects us: Tracey Hamilton, Hannah Fowler Walker, Fiona Anastas, Stephen Houston and
Sue Wittenoom (Narrative: Claire Marshall)

Corymbia Self Managed Village: Alex Bust, Meredith Melville-Jones, Jean Kropper, Amy Chiu and
Aleema Ash (
Narrative: Claire Marshall)

Opening the Bug Catcher: Lise Henriksen, Claire Conroy, Julie Giuffre and Rowena Robinson
Narrative: Susanne Pratt)

The Origin of Synthesis: Jackson Simon, Ruth Wilcock, Anitra Morgana and Sarah Elizabeth
Narrative: Susanne Pratt)

The Biokey Kit: Alex Jackson, Steph Miller, Kimberly Richards, Sage Godrei, Jadden Tseng, Kim Kofod and Sarah Keane (Narrative: Mel Rumble)

Community 2040: Sam Berry, Ninah Kopel, Phillip Cooke,
Cathie Walsh, Anna Vrachas and Jasmin Vrachas
Narrative: Mel Rumble)

The Internet of No Things: Ben-Zion Weiss, Susan Goldie, Wendy Thompson, Tania Leimbach, Mariano Hoffman and Peter Giles (Narrative: Tania Leimbach)

The Clean Air Roomba: Suzanne Williamson, Dave Di Veroli, Alice Howard-Vyse, Pete Murray, Lynda Newman and Karen Weiss (Narrative: Claire Marshall)

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