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Part 2: How will we change


Welcome to part 2 of this exhibition. When we think about futures we often can get stuck thinking about the societal aspects of what the world might be like. We think about politics or technology but rarely place ourselves in this world. Researchers have discovered that there is even evidence of this, that when we think about ourselves too far into the future we do not use the part of our brain that is traditionally used for thinking about self (the medial prefrontal cortex). Rather we use the part associated with how we see others - we see our future selves as strangers.


In part one of this exhibition you were presented with two futures: a future reflecting ‘business as usual’ values and a future where value is redefined. In this part of the exhibition I imagine how a post-capitalism world might change me. How it might change my relationship to time, to nature, to my community and lastly to how I feel about my place in the world. You are invited to come on this journey with me - our shared evolution in a reimagined world.

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