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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Abraham Lincoln

Things are changing fast. Disruptive technologies and a changing climate herald very different futures depending on our actions now. In a range of workshops the team behind the Museum of Futures offer participants the opportunity to learn skills to help them envision and create preferred futures.

1 to 2 hour workshops

Participants will engage in a range of foresight activities to stimulate their ability to think about the future before working with rapid prototyping methodologies to create an object that represents a preferable, inclusive future that can join the online Museum of Futures. 

Half to Full Day Workshops


In the half or full day workshops expert facilitators will lead participants through a briefing on current trends, signals and drivers, before exploring futures thinking methodologies through a range of foresight activities. 


Using cutting edge techniques in divergent thinking, participants will be guided through a process of envisioning the preferred future of their organisation before backcasting the steps to get there. Using rapid prototyping methodologies participants will create a narrative and an object that represents their preferred future. This prototype will be used to commission an artist to create an eye-catching work of art that will represent the collective vision of the organisation and inspire participants to action.

On request these objects will take part in a formal Museum of Futures exhibition at various Australian and International Cultural Institutions. 


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