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Water: Too abundant and too scarce


These objects paint a picture of life in Australia in 2040, where water was both too abundant and too scarce.

The first object is an excerpt from an article outlining flood predictions in Australian cities.  As the planet’s temperature rose, so did the water temperature of oceans. Polar ice caps melted and sea levels rose dramatically. Most coastal cities in Australia were affected and many residents were forced to relocate inland, away from unpredictable oceans, but within more inhospitable landscapes.

The second object is an example of the daily allocation of clean water given to workers in 2043. While city coastlines flooded, increased temperatures and deforestation caused extreme drought throughout the country.

The Australian Government tried to buy back previously sold water rights, but large industry groups refused to cooperate – a decision upheld in the courts. By 2048, desalination technology had evolved, but the water crisis had decimated many Australian communities, and it is estimated that the population of Australia was halved.

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