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Created by Tracey Hamilton, Hannah Fowler Walker, Fiona Anastas, Stephen Houston and Sue Wittenoom. 

The fabric that connects us

The object before you was a symbolic object created by the Step Forward Movement of 2030. Representing a vision for a regenerative, circular and sustainable future, the Step Forward Movement rose to prominence in the late 2020s as communities around Australia started to opt in.


The main principles of the movement were simple: everything is circular and must loop back; everything is conductive, both receiving and spreading messages; and everything is pluralistic, acknowledging the contributions of many ideas and ideologies. 


On a practical level the movement provided communities with blueprints for building communal housing and bathing areas. It provided knowledge and support to allow communities to build their own comprehensive waste treatment facilities that could process everything – from high technology waste to organic matter – back into the circular system. To combat a failing medical system, the movement also provided communities with access to high tech personalised medicines, as well as complementary healthcare such as nature bathing. 


All of these services were provided by contributions both financial and intellectual from movement members, and as the movement grew, more and more members starting adding their own skills. At the 2030 national gathering the Step Forward movement announced that they would do away with money, instead using an open value network where contributions of all kinds, from looking after children to tending the gardens would be valued.

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