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The Internet of No Things

The object before you is an early prototype for the now ubiquitous digital device called “The Internet of No Things”. The Internet of No Things was first conceived of in 2020 where its purpose was to interrupt connectivity online in order to build connectivity itself within families and within a global network of secular believers. It grounded participants in a regular practice of sacred time. By 2028, this device was a standard feature within all smart homes and was central to the processes within homes.


Every night at 9pm, the device digitally interrupted internet signals across the home, while simultaneously creating a change in atmosphere by dimming lights, burning essential oils, bringing in ambient sound and whatever other elements the user programmed. For approximately 10 minutes the house become a sacred space. 


The Internet of No Things encouraged the householders to gather and reflect on themselves, their family, their community, and whatever was important to them.


This object represents the early thinking around the Internet of No Things, which is based on our great understanding that transformation begins within each individual, and that we can harness greater energy, clarity and positivity through having a connection to sacred time.

Created by Ben-Zion Weiss, Susan Goldie, Wendy Thompson, Tania Leimbach, Mariano Hoffman and Peter Giles

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